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Wikidata nakeuh dasa 'èleumèe le basa nibak data nyang ban dum ureueng jeuet andam. Proyèk nyoe na saweueb ôseuha nibak ureueng-ureueng lagèe droeneuh ngön ureueng-ureueng nyang na bak nanggroe la'én. Ban dum ureueng nyan geukeurija saban bak geupeusapat ngön geujaga data nyang leubèh nibak 200 basa.

There are many opportunities for contributing to Wikidata, from improving and translating documentation to planning and proposing new properties in support of data. If you're looking for ways to get involved, please see below for an overview of the different roles and activities available, and browse the suggested and open tasks available.

If the roles listed below are not a good fit for you, or you're having a hard time deciding where your interests lie, please talk to someone on the Wikidata team (specifically Lydia).

Ureueng andam

Droeneuh jeuet neuandam data langsông lam laman.

Add statements, qualifiers and sources to enrich the Wikidata knowledge base. Help with migrating language links to support centralized access for all Wikimedia Foundation projects.

To learn how to get started, see Help:Items to learn how to add or edit items, or follow an interactive tutorial at Wikidata:Tours.

Updating Help pages and improving documentation, for example by adding examples and screenshots, is another great way you can support the Wikidata community.


As a developer you can either contribute to Wikibase, the extension that powers Wikidata, directly or write things on top of it.

If you are interested in writing bots that work on Wikidata please check out the Bots page.


Ambassadors spread the word about Wikidata to others, answer questions about the project, and serve as educational resources for Wikidata. They encourage Wikidata collaboration on other sister projects you are active on, help update the weekly summary, or participate in Wikidata discussions on one of the mailinglists and Twitter, and provide support to other contributors on the IRC channelconnect.

User:Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)User:Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)

Project members

WikiProjects are groups of contributors who want to work together as a team to improve Wikidata. These groups often focus on a specific topic area (for example, astronomy) or a specific kind of task (for example, solving problems related to disambiguation pages). To find a WikiProject that reflects your interests or to propose a new one that doesn't yet exist, visit WikiProjects.

As a contributor to Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, or any other one of Wikidata's sister projects, you can give valuable input on a lot of decisions that have to be made during development and deployment. To join in planning and discussions, or to help with integration of Wikidata on sister projects, navigate to sister projects.


As a translator you can translate Wikibase, the extension that powers Wikidata, on

In addition you can help by translating documentation and information pages about Wikidata here and also on Meta.

For more information for Wikidata translators, see the translators' noticeboard.

Data owners

If you have data that you want to contribute to Wikidata please see the page about data donation.

It is possible to enter data into Wikidata by hand and through a bot via an API. For the latter please review our API and Bots pages.